@ocean_bull_gr don't count fully on T/C linked index. Nice artikel. But 🤫 against too aggressive newbies or bulls. This could sound negative 🤭 for them. breakwaveadvisors.com/insig... How do the above apply to the average shipping observer or investor? Lets take the example of shipping companies that have significant Capesize exposure. To assume that their ships are currently earning 20,000+ per day would be wrong. As a result, at the end of the quarter, when shipping analysts will try to calculate the earnings for the first quarter and they go back and look at the Capesize average, most likely they will overestimate the actual earnings of the company due to such misalignment.
@ivo98 its good news definitely but doesn't change anything financially. demurrage i don't think is applicable here - demurrage is paid when the vessel is on voyage charter and is paid $ for every ton of cargo it will transport so there's no way to quantify delays - here the vessel is on time charter and the charterer is paying the daily hire (index linked) no matter what the vessel is doing (trading or waiting) so i think the knightship was paid the index for every day it was stuck there. i also think that all SHIP vessels get the same rate i.e. the average of the 5 routes, this is the typical index linked cape charter, not on individual routes (c5, c3 etc) but older / smaller vessels get discount
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