$CPE Reasons to buy and HOLD CPE: 1) 100% SURE: NO MORE Saudi vs Russia to see who can pump out the most STUPID CHEAP oil barrels to sell. WHY? VERY GOOD REASON: Trump told Saudi to stop doing STUPID thing by just starting to pull out our Patriot missiles protecting Saudi's oil fields. 2) 100% SURE: Future OIL demand will rise MUCH HIGHER than now 3) See attached chart 4) Follow TUTEs $$$, 86% owner of CPE 5) One usually cannot find a company stock price with 100% SURE will rise higher than current price. 不不不DO NOT SET STOP LOSS! We'll FLY VERY HIGH AFTER covid-19 is conquered! 不不不 GLTA Longs!! 遲遲踱踱踱遲遲遲遲屢屢屢
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