$KTOV I honestly love this room. I started on my work E-Trade account with 6500. I moved to Robinhood on April first and just chased trending stocks. Not that I did bad, but I always got in late and got out late. Which taught me some expensive lessons. I stumbled here and learned more in 5 days than I did in 3 months. I'm actually getting better at researching. I really feel good when I find something on my own before it gets posted here. I try to absorb as much as I can and I've started reading some of the books someone posted here. I don't know that I'll ever be super successful or if my heart can take another stock like this but I'm grateful for all the people in this chat who really try to educate people.
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@iwrotesomething Learn how to graph Historical data and seeing trends will make you a powerful trader on top of press releases. Think outside the box as well. Some folks are really good at this and are really smart.
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@Skeeterrock72 that's what I did when I first moved from E-Trade. I just watched graphs and trends. Then I got greedy and almost lost all my gains. I'm moving to webull now. I'm trying to learn the graphs there. It takes me a little time just reading what everyone writes. This one looks good though.