$CRBP I still think many are underestimating the global impact Coronavirus will have on markets in the coming months. The data coming out of China is obviously skewed and things are more ominous than previously reported. This will hit Q1 revs for many companies and most certainly Q2 revs. Not to mention impact on ability to receive goods made in China. And they have their hands in everything we use in our daily lives. Cost to everyone will be significant if they can’t contain this thing soon. And yes.. I have a microbiology degree from UNH ‘92. This thing has me prepping like mad. Fully expect. A significant hit to the markets taking down CRBP with it... in case you haven’t been around... nearly every CRBP major catalyst seems to also coincided with crappy market conditions which has also caused pps suppression IMHO. Will it be a pandemic next... you be the judge. #LearnHowToPlayTheGame
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