$IRNT SSR is in effect yesterday & today. Also, it is on NYSE threshold list Sept 1st, i.e. 7days already (stocks which failed to deliver 10000 or more shares continuously for the last 5 days get on this list)... Per Threshold List regulations - Day 6 (that was yesterday), it becomes even harder to short as LOCATE requirements are enforced, even for Market Makers. Also see FINRA Volume data till yesterday Naked Shorting last 11 days : 265145 shares - almost 1/4th current free float (1.17M) Shorted last 11 days : 18516762 shares - almost 15x current free float (1.17M) Lets not ruin this opportunity for all. scalpers, scrapers, 5% profit takers, 10% profit takers, day traders - use your brains properly.