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    Jan Feigus Joined Jul 21, 2010


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      I started a 5k to 1 million dollars challenge, the goal is to talk about every trade & learn from it. You can follow me on ST, Twitter and Youtube. Just search for FaisamTrader, it will be an excited ride were we will learn together. Wish me luck. :)
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      Finding stocks to swing/day-trade with scanners that produce high percentage plays. Click link below to join my chat. Email:
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      Tim Shields
      Atlanta (Falcons, Braves), and the Georgia Bulldawgs.
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      I buy Rumors...$$$ I buy Bags👜and because "Somebody must know something"😉
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      Russell Deardorff
      ( Barge Captain) U.S. Merchant Marine,38 years. Amateur investor since 97, intrigued with Bio-Tech stocks since 2/12, after doubling investment with VIVUS phase III data
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      Last chance to get in. Nowhere but up. Going to the moon. Trust Me. Are all lies.
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      Jim BooDog
      Technical swing trader, stocks under $5. My picks and my analysis are of my own research and should not be used as investment advice.
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      Trade Reversal
      23 years studying historical price models. Database Visual Design Pattern analysis models for Hedge funds. Patterns that make the most $$. CHAT ROOM. ETF Reversal. Opinions are my own, should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      Enhanced Investor
      Follow Me | 4k to 1.4M through consistent gains trading small caps with algorithms and HFT. Currently working with young talent trading together. Searching for leaders to cooperate with through hard work and dedication.
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      Mark S
      More of a value investor, love dividends and solid financials, but am learning technicals and charts are just as important. I've also learned we all make more money when we work together!
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      Mr. Sultan
      Elevate Trader offers day trading, swing trading, overnight holds, options trading and crypto currencies alerts via text and voice chat. Join today for a $1, 2 day trial! Need help or have questions? Feel free to ask. Remember to do your own DD!
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      Richard Gosselin
      Been trading since last century... Essentially TA, short term. Independant.
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      Technical Chart Analysis for stocks under $4. All my analysis are based on stocks that I hold in my portfolio.
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      Luca Casabene
      Congrats to our team for an amazing first week! Were opening ALLSTARHQ for new members for a limited time. If you want a chance to learn and trade with the best, send an email to w/ your email and ST profile by noon tmrw!
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      *~ Japanese Artist in San Francisco. Trading stocks to support my struggling artist life to pay rent and to keep free spirit ~*
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      Mork Kantarjiski
      Empathetic or nice, im happy to reply --- Rude and ridiculous, need not apply
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      Ryan Davidson
      I seek opportunities here in WS as passive income. Plays involve both short and long positions. Don't do price targets. Trades are based on momentum, technicals, and historical price action. Started in 2012 and still learning. Thanks for the follow!
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      Entrepreneur. Investor. Advisor. Aspiring Philanthropist. Financial Fitness and Investment Coach. Follow me on: Support @moniology on @patreon. #OnPatreon
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      Eddie A
      In for quick profits, able to accept marginal losses before they become disasters. Sticking to my rules and averaging about +15% every week. I NEVER short a stock.