$ZOM Friendly reminder, the share price of $ZOM will increase when you all stop selling! Just because there is no PR doesn't mean the company is crap. Pick your target and be patient. If you don't have money to risk it, then don't. Simple rules for anyone who has only a small chunk to risk: 1. Get In - Get Out and don't be greedy until you can afford to lose it. 2. Don't chase your own enthusiasm. Use other people's enthusiasm and take that money. Anybody who set a target price wants to take your money. 3. Be Consistent, not lucky. It's okay to just add ~$300 extra per day/week if that's all you can afford to risk with your original Cost Basis. That number can climb as you find consistent success. 4. Don't forget you have to pay capital gain taxes (don't be gambling with that $) The rules are different for Long investors who are not looking at the SP every day. If the company is healthy, set your alerts and don't watch it all the time. That isn't healthy.