$ATNM The main issue with bashers is that each of their bashing has been systematically destroyed. Allow me to repeat some of the failed bashing. 1. The company is incompetent and they will never apply for Ad Hoc analyses (circa 2020). 2. The enrolment will never be completed (circa 2021). 3. The company is going bankrupt "soon" (two years and counting) So, now that the aforementioned statements to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt by the disgruntled ones has failed one by one, there's a shift. Well, shiftiness is not something new to the animal kingdom - plenty of spineless species and specimens thereof.
@jason2828 Let us take your favourite COGT. It is still significantly down from its high of $70. At one point it was trading in low 2s. Then it inched up and fell down as well. You got in at 4 and are happy now but like constant whiners on this board, what about those who got in at 50, or 60 to 70? They are still in the hole. No? But you don't consider COGT to have eroded shareholders value. Do ya?