$MVST 3 stumbling blocks to MVST stock going higher 1. SEC approves S1- opens up possiblity (hard to tell) of shares being sold. may or may not happen. My bet: it WILL and drive stock back down. could be buy opportunity 2. NO news released prob holding back until S1 PIPE jazz finishes up 3. OSK case outcome. hard to tell. 9/15 hear oral arguments more jacking off lawyer fees for months to come or resolution? my bet : more lawyers jacking off esp this WKHS shitpile CURRENTLY BEING INVESTIGATED BY SEC . trying to screw up OSK. My bet: OSK wins but this shit horse wants to make a mess- further delays, courts and lawyers LOVE IT NEXT EVENT that could mean anything is EARNINGS around Nov. 15. so you can do all these chinese arithmetic options play and guess and wiggle and drive yourself nuts or just sit and wait for earnings in November. NOW if they dont announce any new contracts or new customers and reduce their projections AGAIN- bye bye birdie. Hopefully that doesnt happen.