$ARKF $ARKK $ARKW $ARKK $ARKQ Im genuinely a little concerned that there could be a clean sweep for Democrats in November. I’m an Independent Voter who likes a balance of power. The AOC runaway primary victory might be a Canary in theCoal Mine. That sort of mentality is AWFUL for the stock market. While ARK will outperform any up or down cycle, I’m genuinely concerned everyone’s taxes rise quickly and owners of stocks sell to book a better tax rate in 2020 vs. 2021-2024. Biden is widening a lead (I look at Vegas and not News Organizations). That’s OK,sort of, for stocks. If the Senate flips and the House maintains, you might get a dump for all stocks due to taxes on gains and maybe even losses. It’s June, It’s EARLY but it’s something to keep your eye on. As a side note : Covid-19 rates are surging along with hospitalizations. Any sports league that starts and then stops will spook the market. VIX in the low 30s is manageable but if it ticks to 35 soon, it will set off alarms.