$ARKG Thermo Fisher Scientific might be the most shocking buy I’ve seen ARKG make in the last few years. It sort of reminds me of when they bought Bristol Myers Squibb in 2015. TMO is a World Class ESTABLISHED company that could basically buy any company in ARKG and they’d be a better company. My first instinct was that they pay a big Dividend and they are just clipping coupons for Capital Gains. Nope, it barely pays a Div. Well it must be down......Nope...52 week high today. TMO should just buy PACB. Now that would be an interesting twist to make it the #1 holding in ARKG. TMO and Regeneron were really my inspirations to start investing in ARKG 6 years ago. They were two IPOd my biggest winners of the last 29 years and what I liked in them inspired me to give ARKG a try. Welcome aboard TMO.
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