$ARKG $ARKK $ARKF $ARKW $ARKQ Just an update on some people who have reached out to me in the Financial Sector with some thoughts on last week’s headlines about a “Hostile Takeover” of the ARK Funds. I use the word Funds instead of ETFs as the winds of change might just blow Cathie Woods’ way. I’m going to attach an article that I think everyone should read as it might have A LOT to do with ARK. This move might be Crazy Like a Fox, very purposely timed and opportunistic for the winds of Political Change. The writing might be on the wall for ALL ETFs to start paying their “Fair Share” in taxes like Mutual Funds do. When Cathie Wood signed this deal when she was 59 years old might be a bit more relevant at 64. I would think that if you can get the very best out of her until 71, we are all blessed. She has a mind of a 35 year old for curiosity but the Moral Compass and Intestinal Fortitude of someone her age. She’s been there, done that. Nothing is as bad as it seems nor too good.
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@jaydilks thanks for the continued research on the ARK funds. In regards to VXX - the VIX is coming off of one of the highest sustained periods for years and futures are still relatively high for the current climate. If we get VIX normalizing back into the teens, we could see VXX shave off another 25-50% before we hit some sort of base. I agree with you that it's a good hedge when purchased during the "good times" I would just caution your followers that there is likely more downside in the VIX in the near-mid term.