$GBTC Bitcoin (GBTC) has now moved up to the #6 weighted holding in $ARKW . Getting to #1 by Christmas might be a stretch but I bet it gets to #2. There really hasn’t been a better ETF to own in the last 5 years. If you are booking a massive profit in GBTC, ARKW is a great way to still have exposure. $BTX.X
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@SwingTradeToronto I only posted this because I remember my feeling in 2017 when I owned GBTC and ARKW. GBTC hit an all-time high and I literally could not sleep well holding a massive gain. Long story short, I sold all of the GBTC and just bought more ARKW. I slept like a baby that night. I think this time is different for GBTC as it might run a lot more but if there’s someone out there with the same feeling I had, ARKW is a fantastic alternative. Here’s the last two years as GBTC has outperformed and I think it’s a leading indicator for ARKW’s future. Not as dramatic but UP !
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