$ARKK $ARKW $ARKG $ARKF $ARKG If you are a genuine LONGTERM investor, it’s not foolish to think the market in general will be far higher in a decade compared to today. I see too many people trying to get in and out of the ARK Funds to time it. Over the last 5 years in particular I’ve been shocked when the ARK Funds are UP but the market is WAY DOWN. On Brian Sullivan’s show on CNBC, he had an interesting stat most have heard but it’s tough to comprehend. Basically, there have been 10 days in the last 20 years that have produced 50% of all the positive returns. That’s 7300 Calendar days you’ve had to think about investing and only 10 produced 50% of all gains. That’s .000136986%. That’s approaching winning the lottery or being struck by lightning if you added one more zero. Even if you don’t choose ARK, stay invested. You are about to get a little dip here but then out of left field Nancy Pelosi & Mitch McConnel announce a Nuclear Bomb of money entering the system. Be prepared.
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