$ARKW $ARKK $ARKQ $ARKF $ARKG Random ARK Trivia of three questions that I will post the answers on a the next part of this thread so you don’t cheat. 1. List the leaders by performance from best to “worst” over the last year. 2. List the size of the Funds from most money manages , AUM (Assets Under Management) Biggest to smallest. 3. List the average size of the companies in the ETFs from Biggest to smallest to determine if you are investing in Mega Caps or Small Caps. Answers in following response next:
The performance leaders are: 1. ARKG 136% 2. ARKW 132% 3. ARKK 118% 3. ARKF 93% 5. ARKQ 92% The Size of the funds by Assets Under Management 1. ARKK $8.9 Billion 2. ARKW $2.6 Billion 3 ARKG $2.3 Billion 4.ARKF $676 Million 5.ARKQ $633 Million The Weighted Avg Market Cap size of companies held in each Fund. This often surprises. 1.ARKF $231 Billion 2.ARKW $169 Billion 3. ARKQ $162 Billion 4. ARKK $76 Billion 5. ARKG 7.2 Billion Size of company was a little misleading so here is the MEDIAN ranking and you notice a trend for a sweet spot 1. ARKF $40 Billion 2. (Tie) ARKG and ARKW at $36 Billion 4. ARKQ $26 Billion 5. ARKK $5.9 Billion. I only post this because when choosing a portfolio, Market Cap Size of the basket should be a consideration and looking at avg size vs Median Size for all Funds, anywhere, is a little deceiving. Here’s a screenshot of what size companies fit in what basket.