$NTEC Morning ritual of the average INTEC investor ( cont'd ) 11:30 AM - Buy back all your NTEC shares plus several hundred more with profits made after the normal daily dip. 12:00 PM :Lunchtime. Log onto STOCKTWITS, because if anyone knows how to make money, it's a bunch of complete strangers who spend all day trying to take your money. 2:30 PM - Return from lunch. Go straight to the restroom. 4:30 PM - Return from restroom. Ask Boss a question that sounds as if you are very concerned. 5:00 PM - Another long workday completed. Go to car, insert 5 qts of oil, drive home. Stop at Morry's bar on the way. 10:50 to 11;30 PM - Step over passed out slab of beef in unwashed moo-moo, turn off TV, go to bedroom, light hidden joint, smoke it, stare at ceiling while gratifying yourself, wash up, go to bed. A day in the life. The Beatles couldn't of sang it better,eh?
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