$NTEC A novices outlook in laymen's terms Yoikes!!! .66?? No worries. There is nothing in the wind regarding any bad news. The ER report, whatever date it's released, should not have any great impact one way or the other. IMO. Nothing but good news since the mid July debacle. Intec is tied in with two of the BIGGEST BADDEST boy on the block, Novartis & Merck. Of which, odds are deals will be made with one or both at some point in the near future. Intec is not selling Accordian pills from a kiosk at the mall, so this is not a quarterly earnings profit type of setup. From August 2015 to April 2019 the lowest the SP went to was $3.75. Not until around July 22nd did it ever go below $1, a complete over reaction that dropped it from just under $3 to around .55 in less then a day!! The Accordian pill not getting the results desired is what caused this plummet to Pennyland. And, since that issue with the AP has now been fixed, i can't see anything but good things ahead.
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