Awright ya mooks, now i'm really in a mood. Today's review is in honor of all the sourpusses out there that enjoy chopping off the turkey's head more than they do eating it, so w/o any trimmings, i present to you THE PRE STOCK MARKET REVIEW ( THE GO PLUCK YOURSELF EDITION ) $FCEL : SP plummets to .11 after the mutilated remains of the Energizer bunny is found buried in the backyard of CEO Jason Few. @LongJBish is put in as the new President & CEO to set things right again. $F : SP drops faster than an anchor after their F-150 shatters into a 1000 pieces during a tug of war event with $TSLA . Ironically, the only parts of the F-150 left intact are the side windows. Musk quickly takes care of that with a few well aimed steel balls. $NTEC : SP drops to .15 when their new campaign slogan, ''Will somebody turn off the twitch??'' doesn't have the reaction they hoped for in seeking new partners. Hila Karah resigns & moves to NJ to take up residence with a as yet unnamed StockTwitter.
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