THE MID DAY STOCK MARKET REVIEW ( THE I'M GOIN HOME EARLY & I HOPE YOU CAN TOO EDITION ) $FCEL : Enjoy your bird tomorrow cause if you are still expecting a $1 SP all you'll be eating is a plate of jive turkey here. Hey, you're still in the 70's, so the joke works even better then i 1st planned. $TRNX : Speaking of Turkeys....nah, way too easy. $ADMA : Still not $5, so i'm using the Shop Rite coupon for my bird, but no complaints. $PTI : Still don't have clue 1 what the hell i bought here, but i'm liking the extra gravy. $VSTM : Jumped back in at .91, & glad i am that i did. Bagholders here have been suffering for a long long time now, and it's nice to see this stay in the green while moving up with no 15 minute time limit attached to it. A HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!! : ) '
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