Well, it took less than 4 hours to lose my newest job as a Delta airline pilot. It seems the current management didn't care a whit that I won my bar bet about being able to land a 747 onto the top of the Lodi, NJ Dunkin Donuts. Tho I admit I didn't factor in the 224 ft wingspan, resulting in 2 square miles of Lodi homes now currently standing at less that 1 floor or less. But I'll be damned not 1 drink was spilled by any passengers as we are still teetering on the roof. So it's with parachute undeployed & myself now unemployed I give u... THE MIDDAY STOCK MARKET REVIEW ( THE IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO GET ON THE ''NO FLY'' LIST EDITION ) $LKNCY Just as I was landing, this baby's taking off. $ATNF Fasten yer seatbelts, where we're going there are no roads. $BEST Yeah, it feels so goooooood to be right. $ETTX Yesterday this dropped quicker than me flying a boat. Glad to see it pull up from a nosedive. $UPS Heading towards $200 faster than my Nana. : )