$AUPH as I sit here embracing the horror of current PPS and general XBI beat down dragging this down. I’m wondering when this will actually start trading on its own merit and not tied to index. With mgmt dead silence definitely isn’t helping, and that would lead you to believe they are in negotiations for BO. The time frame seems long which also leads me to believe there might be a bidding war. That being said, if not it might be time to reevaluate the management and BOD if this steam rolling by Wall Street continues. Mgmt and BOD would have to know that a single drug small cap bio gia probably long term is not good, and is in everyone’s best interest to sell now. Prev bios have tried and ended up selling a year later at a lower price than initially offered. It also might be as simple as they are waiting to get there options for this year then sell. Who knows. I hope PG gives some form of guidance tomorrow because I feel like I’m on a boat floating at sea with no rudder or Capt. GLTA