$TRIL I think everyone is putting too much thought in the upcoming ASCO meeting. This is an Phase I trial in it's infancy and they're still searching for the proper dosage, timing and safety concerns. Probably the only thing of interest to me will be the safety side coupled with the receptor occupancy rate at different doses and timelines. We know, from the competition that CD$& is now an viable target so it's important that 662 latches onto the right target. Because the real usage of 662 will be in Combo, any responses will be a feather in Trilliums cap whereas the safety side at this point is more important so that a future Combo isn't toxic. As far as the Company goes I have more interest in the soon to be released update on 661. It should have more meat that we can evaluate. At this point it's pretty simple, Trillium has to produce the goods and the stock price will then take care of itself. Day to Day fluctations don't bother me because I have no interest in selling
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