$CLSK don't forget the 2400 S19 Pro miners supposedly coming in the first week of June, which will increase their mining output to around 640ish PH/s. In addition, they'll have 3587 S19 miners and 1000 Canaan Avalon miners coming in by the end of June. Together, that is combined around 1.07 EH/s by the end of the month. Right now that kind of hash rate power nets you nearly six bitcoins per day. Over 2.5x their current production. Let's hope China miners continue shutting down so the total hash rate becomes more dominantly controlled by good American companies
@LinkinSpark I've been trying to keep track of their miner orders, and as best as I can tell, they've got 4800 miners arriving in June, and another 7700 coming in by the end of September - listed as during "June & July" or "Summer 2021" or as part of the 1600 miner/month order that begins this August. In any case, about 12500 miners coming in the next three months, and approx half of those coming this month