$CLSK Possibly an unpopular opinion, but I'm wondering if CLSK should sell its HODL right now for the sake of minimizing risk over the next 5 months. CLSK had 633 coins as of the end of December, and has mined about 100 more in January so far, which means they could establish a $30M cash position by selling the HODL. The risk in the next five months is in not being able to make their mining rig payments. The 1600 rig/month order alone costs $4.5M per month thru May, and they have other smaller orders as well as energy. Risk drops big time after May. With the current share price, they DO NOT want to be forced into hitting the ATM. And if BTC drops to $22k, selling coins will be poor value as well. By selling it now, we improve our ability to make our payments, HODL most of what we mine in the meantime (which is going to be 10-12 per day for at least the next year), minimize share dilution, and navigate our way thru a potential BTC price rut. Thoughts? JB