$ROKU I bought in 16000 shares at 103 when it dipped to 100 5 weeks ago. Every said wait, short, etc. Stock is 143 now and $40 per share up. I held and ignored the daily stress daytraders have going in and out couple bucks. At $40 up, how many $2 up and down increments can you time perfectly in 4 weeks (28 days)? That's 20 $2 days. I'm been buying up 2000 share increments and up to 32000 shares. I lost some last week from the 149 purchases but purchased more today to average out the loss last week. I'm holding long term til hit $189-215 range to cash out. You know with roku growth it's going to hit it sometime now til sometime next year. Just have to be patients and ignore all the ups and downs and stupid scare tactics day traders post on here. I could have made over a million last year with other stocks but got scared holding cause of stupid posts on this forum from kids trying to make a few hundred dollars
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