$GRPN HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY I used to be a shareholder of groupon and a regular customer. Bit dumped $600,000 of shares cause the customer service is the reason the shares price and growth is suffering. Years back when they had a phone number for customer support, things were good and got refunds from mistakes or closed businesses. But since they only had chat and email and it took 3 years complaining every few months and groupon won't refund and cheated me I came back to buy groupon deals after 2 years and the groupons bought again had businesses closed down and when through 6 reps through chats and non knows how to calculate pr how groupon works, I think they might be subcontracted from india or Pakistan. They didn't even understand the workings of groupon and they say wait a minute and then disconnect the chat. See screen shot. And then someone emailed said helped me. By help they they said I will get a refund but instead they charged me again!!!!
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