$CTRM this is insane. Another ship added.... This company literally has doubled in size in less than 2 months. All news reports state that shipping is going to be more profitable in the upcoming 5 years than ever before. Ive said it before, but do you really think the owner would be going out and adding ships if they were not doing well, or expects to do well? I think the ER is going to be amazing, and if it is, imagine how nice it will look when he has the additional 6 ships making profits. This is the ground floor still. You should be very happy you are in now, and at these prices. TOPS has 10 vessels and has a share price of 2.80ish. don't be suprised if we are at atleast 2.80 (+100% gains) after ER. Do some DD and see for yourself. $FSR $AAL $PLAY $IVR