$TSLA ok guys.....I've turned bullish...... just kidding. I still can't stand this racist company and its greedy, egotistical CEO. Puts will print going beginning yesterday. Yesterday was the first day of this stock's downward trend. As long as yields remain above 1.6%, it doesn't matter the shithead who is trying to pump the share price through buying the massive volume of otm calls that expire in a day or two as he did last December. As yields continue to rise, this stock will continue to drop along with the silly hype. The tutes will continue selling because unlike the Tesla Fanboys, they don't want to be associated with a racist company. We haven't received the September sales in China which is a little unusual. I suspect demand is continuing to drop, which explains Musk attempting to like Kim Jung Un in order to appeal to the likings of the Communist Party while insulting US Regulators and our form of government. Our government needs to terminate the carbon credits.