$T The best thing I ever did was sell this garbage company. In 35 years the price hasnt gone up. But but but the dividend! Who cares. Good for you. 5 percent div. And the stock is down from where it was in 1985. If you bought almost any good stock in March, you are up give or take 50 percent. That's 10 years of dividend. Ten years! Stop investing for dividends unless you are 60 years old. And btw, this div ain't safe my friend. No one paying $15/month for hbo max when there are so many choices. Directv is garbage. They should have stuck with just their mobile division. I'm done with my rant. Just don't get stuck in a dead stock when there is so much opportunity out there. And don't get emotional about it. I had Att for years. Years of pain for me. Got rid of it, making tons of money from that sale on other great stocks. Life's too short to stare at a failing stock every day