$MDXG, 8/14/19 Article from The American Academy of Pain Medicine concludes from an INDPENDENT CLINICAL TRIAL “amniotic fluid injections present an excellent, safe, and longer-lasting alternative for treating osteoarthritis due to its cushioning effect similar to hyaluronic acid and its anti-inflammatory and regenerative components.” " As confidence in these treatment options increases we will see treatments like amniotic fluid and amniotic tissue injections become the front-line therapy of choice in mainstream medical practice" " In the study, results after a knee injection of amniotic fluid showed longer-lasting results and decrease of pain each month. The study stated, “the benefit of treatment was sustained at the end of the third month in Group B particularly, with mean 80.76% in the amniotic fluid-treated Group B and 46.15% in the steroid-treated Group A (p <.01) showing continued improvement.”
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