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      George Marcovits Official Account
      BSc, P.Eng., C.Eng. who turned to trader 29 years ago. Developed easy to follow and effective indicators based on eSignal. See a live presentation and install SSI and screeners on your own computer. Skype: gemsbot for info.
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      Dante Palazzolo
      All Market Trader, Investment Club Advisor. I'm just tryna motivate the kids all over, show them how to get a few rollies.
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      Dave Pinke Official Account
      Director of Product @ StockTwits. Formerly Bloomberg. Smores master general.
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      melissa armo
      The Stock Swoosh, LLC. is an educational firm that was founded by Melissa Armo in December 2012. Melissa Armo is a professional trader with six yrs experience. "Empowering traders with a complete detailed education to become profitable traders."