@Learning_stonks not really being bought, but being merged with..regardless I feel the reason to start with vascular surgery and dialysis goes back to dr Laura’s beginnings. It is an area she worked on in her early days and saw so many problems. Realized the potential of improving lives of patients dealing with these diseases and injuries and the limited availability of options. Also it is much more straight forward from a function for the hav. Just has to stay usable and doesn’t have a function other than to pass blood and not be rejected. Many of the follow on product applications are a bit more difficult but once the havs are a success they will lead to other applications based on the same product creation and from my point of view the sales of the hav will provide the funding to develop the more complicated applications for diabetes reversal and trachea (and of course the urinary conduit pecker fixer). But even those will be made the same way an hav is made.