$AIMT And then this important tidbit from tomorrow. The US has about 1.5 million kids eligible for Palforzia. Most revenue projections focus on this population. If 8% of these kids get treated, and price is $8K per, that's 120K * $8K = $960M. That doesn't include any ongoing maintenance. From the call: "in the top five markets in Europe, we have about the same prevalence in terms of patients ... as we do in the U.S., about 1.5 million patients.... We do see bigger differences [in] Asia, where it's just slightly less common, but the need in Europe is just as high." So add another 1.5 M in Europe and maybe 800K in Asia. Who knows how many get treated, but it's not hard to imagine Palforzia generating $2B per year. That wouldn't be until the 2023-2025 range, but the opportunity is huge. And by then egg and multi-nut are in sight too. What big pharma wouldn't salivate for such revenue?
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