$ESPR Slide from Nov 2 conf call shows 18,400 Q3 scripts (about 6,100/month). Today's Stifel presentation they said ~2K patients per week fill scripts. That probably means 2K scripts for 1 month supply so 8,600 scripts per month (2K*52/12=8,600) and that means the Q4 numbers right now are about 25,800 scripts (8,600*3). Monthly scripts are good estimate of patient count. Each patient is about $3650 annual revenue. So company has about $31M rev per year with current 8,600 patients. That's not great, but ignore Q2 which sucked bad with covid. If they're adding 8,600 patients per quarter, that's ~50K patients by end of 2021. That's revenue rate of ~$180M per year. If post-covid scripts go hockey stick as cardio patients get back for normal doctor visits, which is what company thinks should happen), then numbers will fly. (Hopefully this all happens inside PFE after $75+ buyout in December).
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