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      Jake Wujastyk Official Account
      Posts are for education and expressing my opinions, NEVER financial advice for buying or selling a security. Subscription service coming October 1st! Message for information about 6 week course and $35/hr Skype sessions! $15 Detailed Chart Requests!
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      I am a full time blogger & stock trader. Technical analysis & charts are the foundation to my trading. I enjoy teaching & helping others take control of their trading by using the tool of charts.
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      Join us at #tradesmartstocks to learn to trade effectively and be your own master. Best part is, the education is free! ALWAYS do your own DD. My posts are my opinions only. #nomorecoffeestain
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      Rob Rivera
      I find low risk high reward plays using specialized scanners & alert based on technicals, fundamentals, financials, charts, patterns & trends. Join our discord room click the sign up link below! 👇
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      Round Table Trade Team
      We are a family of traders making $$$ off technical trade setups with chat and alerts for Day/End of Day/Swing for $7 / week
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      Low Key Professional trader But I will be happy to sharing all my ideas here. Rule#1 (Buy Low Sell High) Rule#2 (Be Patient) Rule#3 (Stop Complaining)
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      Killer Calls (See Below)
      Recent calls: RTNB 538%, AUPH +490%, RLOG 300%, ATOS 273%, CIDM 220%, NETE 150%, EVOK 112%, PLSE 98%, CIE 65%, ADVM 59% and many others. Click link below to join me in chatroom listed below where I first post these (FREE trial till 9/25)!
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      Trade Edge
      Trading ideas which let you make money! We are the best out there to finding breakouts! Tweets are for informational purposes only.Not investment advice. Read Disclaimer Before Investing!
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      20 years working in the IT space...I focus on stocks from companies I purchase products from, use and deploy in large data center environments. I also have ~10 years experience researching and watching the stock PTN.
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      Robert Buran
      Questions? My E-mail: I will email you my phone number. I have been a trader and TradeStation programer for 20 years. My stock trading systems are outside the box and I post them on the web every day along with a video.