$TVIX (TRUMP in future:) Masks Masks Masks for everyone...YAAAAAA!!!! What we're 3 months late??? Oh well I mean they are kind of stylish you can decorate them and maybe have sex anonymously, but anyway when you think about it 50% infected of 327 million means 50% or 163,500,000 aren't infected, so we have that! Then with a death rate of 5% of the infected that's only 817,500 people DEAD, believe me we'll never miss them, you never went and saw your grandparents at the retirement home anyway so what do you care it's only a couple of percent of our population, plus I can't say it's entirely a bad thing, we did get all those people off the Social Security rolls... Gimme me some more Warm Bodies but young, what about that cloning thing... ( satire, but could happen ) $NBY $RAND $BMRA $PIXY
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