$CGC Once the Democrats are in the White House I expect to see federal legalization of cannabis !! The stock will soar like a rocket ship🚀💰🇺🇸. Never listen to Dr. trump
@jiminsocal @Bullshizz @budd77 voter suppression or how about voter fraud more like it he listens to his doctor I think u need to change your news station u apparently watch fake news and believe they tell the truth if trump was such a criminal don’t u think he’d be in jail by now years of wasted money on trying to get him but still they can’t find a thing even when they make it up they can’t get any where now they’ve decided to ruin our economy hoping that will take care of trump fn blue states of one I’m sure u must live in Democrat’s are the biggest pieces of shit
@Waterman148 @Bullshizz @budd77 Republicans don’t believe in fairness or the truth anymore. The Republican party I used to vote for no longer exists. Neither side is perfect but this president has completely turned me against the Republican party 🇺🇸 veterans against trump🇺🇸. Happy memorial day