$OGEN There are evil ones who lie, cheat, hype and portray themselves as God fearing people making you believe in their lies to make a quick buck. Like Satan himself, they are very convincing too getting your hopes up for a day or two. They will steal from their own mother. The hypsters know who they are and dont care. However if they do not repent of their sins, Jesus can come back right now and it will be too late. They will spend eternity in Hell being tortured non-stop with no chance of going to Heaven. They rebel against God and He sees all. This is Truth not fiction. Just in the days of Noah people laughed and scouffed at Noah rebelling against God and then the flood came and the non-believers perished sentenced to hell for eternity. Dont take a chance on your eternity and not be ready for Him. Laugh at me if you will but its for life eternal.