$AUPH got to love it when you're just watching a little YouTube and this guy comes out from under the couch locked and loaded. If only our ceo were as primed for action as this invertebrate...
@jimmy216 @mmmhmmm Im sure that you know this having a house in AZ but a friend of mine goes scorpion hunting in AZ at his house using a black light at night. Kills many around his rock wall in the back nightly.
@nnbl @mmmhmmm LOL, yes. She has Amazon deliver two black light flashlights the day we closed on the house and our first evening was scouring the house and yard. I treat it regularly with a commercial pesticide and we have never seen one scorpion, thank goodness. Your post gave us a good laugh. I showed it to her and we talked about the frantic first night on scorpion patrol.