$ASTR 🚀🛰🛸👽🌎🪐💎👐 Its weird how traders think if a stock doesn’t immediately meme and doesn’t go up 500% in 1 day then they should short it(and 🤡💩Debbie downer bash it here) because it appeared on their “short stuff that spikes” alert. This stock is a hold 90% of your shares and trade 10% type of stock. Easy 500% for just sitting on your dumbass panic hands for a year or 2. Memes take time to develop properly and they last months/years. Look how long GME, AMC and DOGE have lasted. We have legitimate 🚀emojis here. They are now an orbital 🚀company and they will have a 🛰satellite constellation and they have friends with very deep pockets who will fund them.