$ACST I’m not going to lie. People were way too bullish on this stock which distorted a lot of peoples decisions. They kept comparing it to AMRN and giving people the illusion that stock would have the same success. Which unfortunately caused a lot people to lose a lot of money including me. I got in @ $1 and held since June 2019 thinking this could be a multi bagger stock in the future so I continued to hold for the remainder of the year. I’m not gonna everybody being bullish on this stock and the company coming out and being bullish and confident as if the results were definitely was going to be good made hold longer. My biggest mistake was not doing more research on this company. This stock could bounce back above $1 for short period of time but then I will exit my position at that point. I got burned and I don’t see myself waiting for news to come out for the recovery. Management really lied to us failed us. I will approach all bio stocks different for now on.
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