@jjon2121 @SpanishRetailer I don't see it possible for VRTX to go under 170$ and this shares are so facking expensive than I want to get 10 at 211$ and if it drops more then another 10 at 180$, and just wait 8-12 months until it's back over 270$ and maybe 300$. I want to invest safely some decent money into AAL (already in at 12$), XOM (already in at 37.50$) and VRTX, very safe bets if you're willing to wait 8-12 months.
@SpanishRetailer VRTX didn't do much for a few years until a sudden runup AFTER the July bio high. Bio Lcaps are in the doghouse right now. Scaps getting pumped like crazy since mid Oct. That is also when VRTX had it's biggest drop. Don't expect Lcaps to do much better until we get a bigger bio pullback. Unless some major news from VRTX, it will follow the crowd.
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