Message to friends of panda: So much frustration, so much bears (quit being evil, ok????) Panda feels this is always difficult to watch, many people and pandas wants big bamboo super fast. Does not work like that usually. Pandavice: Keep panda-eye on long view, forget about day to day. Fundamentals of $OPK is amazing! Also we are in a strong uptrend technically! If friends are feeling super sad, consider this. Many moons ago when Panda first looked into OPK the share ownership of OPK was about 30% retail ("weak hands"), big institutions about 30% ("strong hands") and insiders about 40%. Today it is about 45% big institutions, 43% insiders and about 12% retail. Friends, tell Panda why this is happening? Is big institutions big stupid heads? Is retail smart? Why is every day retail going down, but big institutions up? Panda might not be smart, but Panda believe big institutions are smart. Panda happily hold!
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