$ALNA Clearly my algo was pretty accurate at calculating the number of naked shorts. If you check my thread, I predicted 3.5m+ shares. Tonight the wimpy hedge fund who had shorted these shares forgot to check the anemic Stocktwit Watcher count. As he stepped down the pps, he realized he couldn't cover his naked position without enough bagholders. Ooops! So, he chooses to move the goal post and ask the company to bail him out with a total unscheduled and bogus offering for $5m at $1.30. Wow! How f_king illegal is that! Even my five year old could figure that out! I wonder what the direct offering holders who were scammed at $2.05 last month will have to say. My guess is that the pps is going north real soon to avoid a very nasty class action lawsuit. Both the company and the hedge fund could be implicated for colluding! Wow! Dumbo Shortie became dummer!
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