$HMBL Looks like a buck is now resistance. Next support will be around half of a buck. PPS will get there by EOM. Then a dime by November based on dilution from equity conversions. At a dime the valuation will be around $100m. Until financials can show operating revenues from Big Foote's vision, expect the valuation to remain flat.
@jmrks you are so weird dude. Losing your shirt on amp.x and trolling HMBL ST. Damn weird. I went back and looked. You told me to look at amp.x when it was .11 ish. It went to .12 then tanked to .047. Another -10% today. Get your act together dude.
@LiDetector Wrong... Read my post for what it says, not for what you want to read like a typical millennial. I said to buy at a nickel. Yes, and shortly after it soared to $0.12 for a very sweet gain. I'm now waiting for it to hit $0.02 to re-enter for another nice round of profits. ...and you?