$ATOS I've been investing in bios for a couple minutes. It is true that when a company releases pr, they are diluting, stock goes down. (Probably smart to short, but not here) Why is Atos different? (Glad you asked) On the news just of a vote we dropped 25%. (already priced in) The wording of their pr why they want the shares tells a picture. The tribe event scheduled for September pushed back after the vote. Their update involves the shares they publicly said they won't use for financing until after $10. Dr. Quay said phase 2 is sweet spot for a partnership. Don't be surprised if the vote passes, we temporarily go down, then immediately back up. Investors wanting pr from a bio company every week, are in the wrong investment vehicle. MHO: Steady climb up with bumps, then new ATH. 4th or 1st quarter. Added bonus is 20% short interest, an unbelievable amount of institutional investors, the covid plays, buttttttt, most importantly Endoxifen. Long and 💪