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    John Joined Oct 14, 2013

    Student based trader


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      Finding stocks to swing/day-trade with scanners that produce high percentage plays.Website: Chat Room Trade Ideas: Scanner settings Chat
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      Free trial, let me know if youre interested in checking out the room ! PERIOD
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      John F.
      Full time game designer, part time trader. Quality set ups, take profits, $TUDY hard. Short term momentum / swing trader.
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      Algorythmic Penny Stock Finds
      Currently using mathematical algorithms to find stocks in real-time. Strategy Net Gain: 640% 6/24 - 7/24. Will be posting Strategy results daily! FREE entry into room to receive alerts first. | Not Investment Advice
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      Pure technical analysis of penny stocks following specific algorithms that make money. Email:
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      Pro. use technical analysis to look for stocks w/ short-term price momentum. Not interested in fundamental or intrinsic value of stocks, but rather in their trends and patterns. *Note: In this Economy-.
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      My team and I are the best out there to finding breakout and spikes. We are keen on maximizing our profits. Join our chatroom with our link **BELOW** for FREE and start winning today.
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      The Penny Guys
      Free support to penny stock traders. We focus on technical indicators, momentum, and high volatility trends. Follow to receive technical scans, live support, and our daily MoneyLists. Site is being used for donations to upgrade our systems.
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      Sang Lucci
      Creator of the best trading community & chat interface on the web w/ @wallstjesus. #TapeReading #Options #Psychology #ProprietaryTrading
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      15+ years of full-time experience successfully scanning 24/7 for Explosive Leadership Stocks & Fresh Breakout Sectors for 1000s of Paying subscribers. Namaste. ♡
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      Options Trading Screener to monitor Unusual Options Activity, Institutionals Options Flow and Statistics
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      Swing Trade Warrior Official Account
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Darshil Patel
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      A team of professionals, #Daytrading and #SwingTrading. We also teach our members and 1 on 1 mentoring students how to trade. There is nothing like 1 on 1 mentoring, where you are not afraid to ask a question and you get all of the attention.
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      Silver Surfer Trades
      Founder of - We surf the stock market waves and alert subscribers to $1k profits every single week with daily S&P500 updates. Download our top-rated iTunes trading podcast:
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      Mikuno Enryu
      The Heavens gave me the eyes of God. It doesn't matter what really happen, it matter what it looks like. my posts are my opinions, please do your own research and don't follow blindly without understand your risk tolerance
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      The Reckster
      The Reckster at Chronicle Trade Group, LLC | Stock Market | Social Media | News | Philosophy, seek The Stock Market Talk the talk, Walk the walk, Capture every dollar possible and I want to educate you.
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      Muscle Trading Tom Rooney
      I GIVE FULL PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE! +303.5% max gains in March. Only the best calls via EMAIL & TEXT with trade plan & member community access - 300+ members strong! Unrivaled education services! Disclaimer:
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      Venky Srinivasan
      Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Secret Stock Society
      Our room provides alerts AND education for Penny Stocks, Momentum Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETF's. Our specialty is looking for the best set ups and sharing them in real time. | Voice Feature | Click the link below, and join the chat today!