$APRE news of phase 1 trial beginning for APR-548 should be soon forthcoming. This is the therapy that could really make APRE run with the big dogs. It shows great promise and should certainly get a boost in spreading costs from the Orphan Drug designation of ent. I told everyone a couple days ago something was coming, this is only the beginning. 2021 is going to be a big year for APRE. I know Novartis has been lacking in oncological evolution and their stock price has stagnated for past couple years. $800M for a breakthrough oncology bio with $80M cash, significant and advanced pipeline and tax incentives looks like a buyout bargain to me and would be small change to $193B Novartis....I'll be watching closely. It appears someone is working really hard to keep APRE pps down and doing a bangup job...call me crazy ;)