$M I wanna say a few things to those of you either investing here with me or thinking about investing here along with the rest of brick and mortar ie $JWN $DDS $KSS etc. Things could go either way this week and if earnings disappoint, I'll be down a hefty chunk. However, #1: I was down over 20% June thru Sept and by avgng down and swinging it, I'm net positive over 20% so it won't hurt that bad. On the flipside let me say this. #2. If $KSS and $M both beat expectations and you sell for your profits when you see the pullback it would be misguided imo. Do you know how many eyes are on this beaten down sector still down 55%+? It might take a few weeks but I'm expecting target raises, analysts flipping the narrative, etc. We could really be in for a YUUUUUGE pump that will last into next year. I'm holding. GL
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