$RYCEY load of people asking questions of WHEN. So let's talk about the big events coming: 1. Earning calls (Q2, Q3): Let's face it. The stock won't magically go up 1000% just because everyone is out from the cave. The higher flying hours will translate into positive cashflow. Higher guidance can drive excitement and FOMO that can jack this up 3-5x easily. With the RH, Reddit folks, then it's the moon 2. But before that best case scenario, we have the ITP Aero sale update. Remember that it's a big part of Royce turnaround plan. It's not about the cash. They have plenty. It's about the business mix. This division has a huge negative mix on the company OI / free cash flow. So the news that Royce found a buyer can bring 70-100% gain from this level 3. People forget that the company committed to cut 9000 jobs before 2022. That's literally 7 months away. That's a $1.8bil in fat trimming, annual saving to the bottom line which you will see in full effect in 2022. Another 50-70% gain